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Managed Forex Benefits

Get access to the elite traders with the minimal deposit from 20,000.

You do not pay any fees, neither at the beginning nor at the end or any other fixed fees for managing account. We charge 4%-60% performance fee of the profits made each month “Managed Forex Accounts Types“. In the case we do not make any profits, we receive no performance fee and if we make a loss, we will not be paid until we make all money we have lost back. There is nothing like that.

The key to the successful trading and steady profits accumulation are great traders. And we got them! The traders working for us were all selected carefully, because we know that only 5% of all traders are successful in a long period of time. Now you got the chance to cooperate with the best traders using our managed accounts services.

Each trader has to follow strict money and risk management rules in order to protect your money.

You have access to your trading account 24/7 and you know exactly how trading going on. At the beginning of cooperation you will set maximal loss level that you are willing to accept. If we reach the predefined max loss level , we stop trading. In addition, you can also revoke our power of attorney for managing your trading account at anytime.

You get the opportunity to diversify your funds between more traders. Just choose a trader and broker to whom you want to entrust your money.

The trading platform provides you with the possibility of checking your account at any time; what trades are open, what is your profit/loss. Therefore, you have access to your account 24/7. The only thing you need is a simple PC program and access to the Internet. Download the manual for checking trading in your account.

Your funds are in your trading account at the regulated brokerage company. The trading account is an account opened at the brokerage company in your name what enables you to make trading operations in the Forex market. Your account is segregated from the companys accounts which means you remain the only proprietor of capital invested. Therefore, it is not possible to defraud or steal it. According to the valid legislation funds can be transferred from the trading account to the account of its proprietor exclusively. The brokerage company is not allowed to send your investment to another account and never will.

Our business system was developed for those who are tired of actually doing something to earn money. We do everything necessary instead of you find and select the best traders, set up money and risk management, connect your account to our system. You will only watch how we trade and how much we earn for you.